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Webinar Replays

Here you can find all our Replays of Online Webinars that were held recently.

Online Webinar held on:

Jan 28


Aqua Data Studio / Part of the RAD Studio Architect Edition (German)

Presenter(s): Matthias Eißing

Aqua Data Studio is an underrated tool for database developers and is part of the Architect Editions of Delphi / C ++ Builder and RAD Studio. This webinar gives an insight into the possibilities of Aqua Data Studio and database development with Aqua Data Studio.

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Online Webinar held on:

Jan 26


RAD Server on IIS 10 (German)

Presenter(s): Matthias Eissing

Instructions and system requirements describe the use of the Embarcadero RAD Server only with IIS 7 if you want to use the Windows platform. However, it can be used under IIS 10 (Windows Server 2016/2019 and Windows 10). This lecture describes and shows live how to set up the RAD Server under Windows Server 2019 with IIS 2019.

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Online Webinar held on:

Jan 21


Developing Frontends for Backends (German)

Presenter(s): Matthias Eißing

JavaScript frameworks are often used for Windows development because they enable quick productivity. Unfortunately, they often cause enormous effort. Delphi and RAD Studio offer a possible alternative.

Dach Webinar   400x600

Online Webinar held on:

Jan 20


Look Gorgeous & Go Cross-Platform to Windows, macOS & Linux with Delphi 10.4 and FirePower

Presenter(s): Ian Barker, Embarcadero Delphi MVP and Roy Woll, Woll2Woll Software

In this webinar, Embarcadero Delphi MVP Ian Barker writes and deploys an app that targets Windows, macOS, and Linux from one set of code using just Delphi 10.4 and the FirePower components from Woll2Woll software. Roy Woll (from Woll2Woll) will be taking part in a live Q & A session with Ian after the demonstration to answer your questions plus attendees can get a coupon for a discount on the Woll2Woll components demonstrated.

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Online Webinar held on:

Jan 14


Full-Stack Web Development with uniGUI for Delphi

Presenter(s): Farshad Mohajeri

uniGUI Web Application Framework is a full-stack web application development tool for Embarcadero Delphi. uniGUI is empowered by Sencha Ext JS advanced cross-browser Javascript library. uniGUI allows developers to develop visually compelling web applications directly in Delphi IDE.

25 Banners Full Stack Web Development With Unigui For Delphi April 12 21 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

Jan 13


Giving your Apps the Fluent UI Look and Feel: Part Two

Presenter(s): Ian Barker, Embarcadero Delphi MVP

Join Embarcadero Delphi MVP Ian Barker for this must-watch session as he follows up his very popular previous webinar on how to give your apps the Fluent UI look and feel. This new webinar features heavily on the Delphi code, form design, and components you can use to really give your VCL and Fire Monkey apps the much sought-after Fluent UI look and behavior.

002 Banners Ian Barker   Webinar   Fluentui April 01 05 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

Déc 29 ,2020


using Git in Delphi (French)

Ian Barker has already done a session to present the integration of Git in RAD Studio. We will go further with practical cases. Whether you work in a team or alone on multiple computers, synchronizing projects and your updates is a headache that version managers can reduce. Git is one of the most used solutions. We will see why and how to use it.

18 Webinaire Utilisation De Git Dans Delphi 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

Déc 23 ,2020


Python Native Windows GUI with Delphi VCL

Sometimes your application needs a user interface, but what is the best way to make one for Python applications? Join this free webinar to learn how to catapult your Python GUI game to new levels you never imagined possible. DelphiVCL is the fastest, most mature, and complete GUI library for native Windows Python GUI development.

18 Banner Webinar Python Native Windows Gui With Delphi Vcl 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

Déc 18 ,2020


The status of your app ... is now "Ready for Sale" (Polish)

Presenter(s): dr inż. Zdzisław Sroczyński

Performance of mobile applications (data processing in memory,database operations), UI good design practices, apps deployment troubleshooting in Apple and Google stores.

05 Banner Webinar The Status Of Your App Zdzisaw Sroczynski 400x600

Online Webinar held on:

Déc 17 ,2020


Boost C++Builder Compile Speed with TwineCompile - Deep Dive Webinar

Presenter(s): Jonathan Benedicto, JomiTech, Creator of TwinCompile

TwineCompile is an advanced compile system that uses multi-threading technology and caching techniques to make C++Builder compiles 50x faster! This IDE Plugin is included with Update Subscription for all C++Builder and RAD Studio customers via the GetIt Package Manager. Download TwineCompile today from GetIt, before the webinar so you can easily follow along as Jonathan demos the power of TwineCompile.

03 Boost Cbuilder Compile Speed With Twinecompile   Deep Dive Webinar 400x600

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